Letting Rep

Thank you for accepting our contract

You will find these instructions at http://www.ahujaholdings.net/lettingrep.html

To fill out your timesheet visit http://www.mybmvdeals.com/rep

As a rep you will be asked one of FOUR things below:

1. Viewings

  • Give people access
  • Ask everyone that comes along if they want to take the property.
If yes, follow this process unless it is under a builders agreement:
  • Get deposit and first monthÂ’s rent (if applicable) paid in to one of these bank accounts:
A/C: 10116679
Sort Code: 16-31-50
A/C Name: Ajay Ahuja

A/C: 41950434
Sort Code: 09-06-66
A/C Name: Ajay Ahuja

A/C: 31394223
Sort Code: 40-06-15
A/C Name: Hana Mayerova

A/C Name: ajay@ahuja.co.uk
  • Give tenancy (ENGLAND or SCOTLAND) at either the advertised rate if private OR their Housing Benefit entitlement. If in doubt call Vanessa 07563 618577 or Hana 07876 502157 or Ajay 07831 506157. Make sure they sign every document in the pack. Do two, one for the tenant and one for us. Send it to: U1, South Fens Business Centre, Fenton Way, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6TT.
  • If they are Housing benefit claimant make sure they submit their application and get a receipt for their submission (you may have to visit them again at the property)
  • Give key to tenant
Remember this order: Get Money, Give Tenancy, Get HB Receipt, then finally..... Give Key.

2. Visits

Knock on the door and if tenant answers tell them to do whatever Vanessa has asked you to say. These forms will be useful and are in your credit control file:

3. Placing Adverts.

Print out, cut to size and display ads in shop windows for a period of 4 weeks. 

Use the Private Only Ads if you are the rep for either Shirebrook, Grimsby or Coventry and DSS Ads for everywhere else.

4. Inspections

Complete a Property Inspection Sheet.

When disposing of waste complete a Waste Transfer Note.

5. Rent Increases

Template paperwork for rent increases.

6.Surrendering Tenancy

Deed of Surrender of Tenancy 

7. Refurbishment Contract          

 Refurbishment Contract With Builder

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